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Buying Kids Digital Cameras

Kid Digital CameraIt's not always easy finding the right gift for a child. Guessing at what they would like can be confusing and often just a wild card experience. If you've considered kids digital cameras as the next gift, listed below are a few helpful hints. Remember this is not your future digital camera we're talking about here, it's for the budding shutterbug that's carefree and likely less nimble than you are. If you let these hints be your guide, there's a good chance your child will like the camera and actually use it.

Quirky, but true and realistic, kids digital cameras need to be 'cool', meaning something they may have seen on TV or heard about someplace. If it's a brand-name, well recognized, colorful, and jazzy, then there's bragging rights, pride and that 'hey, check this out!' factor.

And remember, kids digital cameras need to appeal to, guess who, kids! If it's you're idea of a good buy, it may not impress them very much. If it fits comfortably in their little hands and is sized right for them, they'll carry it everywhere and create some unique images.

From a child's perspective, kids digital cameras are less about features and more about looks, contrary to adult, practical thinking. Size of the screen, resolution, and how many photos it can take, are less important to the pre-school boy or girl, than how funky or cute it is. If their eyes pop out when you hand it to them, they're more likely to use it and enjoy the images they create. I guess it's not much different than some 'adult' toys, for that matter. How many cars have you bought with looks as the priority, rather than features? Insert joke here!

Primarily, kids digital cameras need to be comfortable and fit easily in your child's hands. The buttons should be clearly visible and useable, so the little shutter bugs can shoot 'on the move.' And don't worry too much about the apparent complexity of the camera, kids are great at navigating through technology - they shouldn't have any trouble at all. They may even figure it out before you do!

Kids don't think in practical terms so it's doubtful their camera will be used for such mundane things as school or projects. More likely, they're going to snap their pals, pets and family members - in that order! If it's got some 'wow' factor and a few features included, they'll use it often. Some kids digital cameras include games and effects. I wouldn't want that to be a deciding factor, but on a long car ride, those could be welcomed features.

Most of these children's digital cameras also have the option of adding a memory card for storing more pictures, so you don't have to worry so much about whatever the internal memory is. SD cards, which seem to be the most popular for kids digital cameras are fairly inexpensive and most can store hundreds of snap-happy moments.

And whatever type of batteries the camera needs, I'd suggest making sure you have extras, or a charger handy if it uses a battery pak. There's nothing more frustrating to point, aim, and - nothing happens. Kids like to drink juice, their cameras want a ready supply of juice too.
Buying kids digital cameras shouldn't break the bank either. You should be able to find a decent kid's digital camera for a reasonable price. Not cheap, but inexpensive. As the saying goes - garbage in, garbage out. If it's just cheap for the sake of saving a dime, it either won't last or your child will find some other toy to keep busy with. Then you'd be missing their great adventure as they record their unique perspective in digital form.

The idea is to let them have some fun, express themselves and possibly see yourself through their eyes! How bad can that be?

Good luck and watch the memories fly!
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